VW ID.4 Towing Capacity Leaves Tesla Model Y For Dead

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It's proof Tesla needs to up its towing game.

We're only a few weeks away from the reveal of the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 all-electric crossover, which recently began production in Germany. Riding on VW's global MEB platform, the ID.4 is the corporate cousin of the overseas-only ID.3 hatchback. VW's internal sales data indicates Americans are far more likely to buy a crossover than a hatchback. It's nearly the same situation in China. The ID.4 will also go on sale there next year as well.

And like everywhere it'll be sold, comparisons to its chief rival, the Tesla Model Y, will never stop. Everything from design, performance, and range will be compared and EV shoppers will no doubt pay close attention. Towing capacity is another key evaluator for many, and we now have a better idea of how the ID.4 will perform in this regard.

Volkswagen News/YouTube
Volkswagen News/YouTube
Volkswagen News/YouTube

Today, a new video released by the German automaker shows a very lightly camouflaged ID.4 prototype driving around displaying some of its capabilities, and one of them is towing. The trailer it's hauling around appears to be around average size, but what about its weight?

Electrek claims it has learned the ID.4 will have a maximum towing capacity of up to 4,200 pounds. The Model Y's listed towing capacity is a maximum of 3,500 pounds, but only with 19- and 21-inch wheels. It drops to 2,300 pounds with 20-inch wheels. Meanwhile, the also upcoming Nissan Ariya EV SUV will have a 1,500-pound max towing capacity. It appears the ID.4 is the segment leader, but we're still waiting for official specifications to arrive from the automaker to confirm.

Front Angle View Volkswagen
Rear Angle View Volkswagen

Assuming the 4,200-pound figure is accurate, this would place the ID.4 in the company of combustion-engined SUV crossovers like the Jeep Cherokee (up to 5,000 pounds) and Audi Q5 (4,400 pounds). But it's also important to bear in mind the likelihood only fully-loaded ID.4s will be capable of towing this much.

Last week, VW released the first official images of the vehicle's minimalistic interior which, not surprisingly, looks awfully similar to that of the ID.3. The official reveal will happen by the end of this month but today's video states "the ID.4 will be available from September 24th, 2020."

Source Credits: Electrek

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