VW ID.5 GTX Xcite Is A Lambo-Painted Concept From VW's Brightest Young Minds

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The Xcite concept is a youthful vision of mobility.

Last week, Volkswagen unveiled a new concept rally car at ID. Treffen in Locarno, Switzerland. Now, the 382-horsepower ID.4 is joined by yet another exciting electric vehicle, the ID.5 GTX Xcite. Created by VW's best apprentices - as the best VW concepts always are - the striking concept is not only a youthful "vision of mobility" but demonstrates the sheer talent of these 14 promising specialists.

The team contributed their various skills and set about transforming the electric vehicle. The wheelhouses were modified and the door sills were widened to give the Xcite added presence. It's certainly worked, as the crossover appears more aggressive and menacing than before and more like a crazy hot hatch. Custom-made 22-inch forged aluminum wheels fill the arches and have been powder coated in a black finish.


The color is particularly alluring. The army green lacquer is a rather special mix of matte and gloss paintwork and results in a satin-like finish. Interestingly, the combination was selected from both the Volkswagen and Lamborghini color palettes, which is why it bears resemblance to the hue used on the Lamborghini Sian show car. For extra flair, black and orange decals can be seen on either side of the vehicle.

But it's the interior where the most notable changes have been made. Vegan leather and Alcantara have been applied to the cabin liberally and provide a plush yet sporty ambiance. Look closely, and you'll note a lack of cheap plastics; the posh materials cover the entirety of the door cards, for instance, along with the steering wheel, center console, and dashboard.

The seats are the best part, though. Both wear the project logo - an amalgamation of the ID logo and the number 8 - and feature unique ID honeycomb stitching (also seen on the doors). Orange is a brave choice, but the vivid hue uplifts the interior.


Aimed at attracting the attention of younger customers, the Xcite show car is equipped with a digital sound system comprising a subwoofer, 10 amplifiers, and a total output of 2,000 watts. Only the best bits were used, thanks to the sound specialists at Gladen, Musway, and Bang & Olufsen.

Gimmicks abound, and should you find terrain the Xcite cannot traverse, an electric skateboard in the trunk will get you through narrow alleyways - or just provide a few minutes of fun. Overall, it's a rather funky-looking thing and wouldn't look out of place as a Hot Wheels die-cast collectible.

If you were hoping for performance upgrades, sadly, there aren't any. The Xcite is based upon a standard ID.5 GTX (not available in the USA), which has an 82 kWh battery and a top speed of 112 mph.


Volkswagen has a legacy of giving apprentices the ability to showcase their talents on a special show car. Every year since 2014, the fledgling experts lead the entire project and take control of the design and implementation - under the watchful eye of mentors, of course.

The group seen here are in their second and third years of training and are all following different paths. Some, for example, will go on to become vehicle paint or electronics technicians, while others will head into mechatronics. While not at the same level, Ford also has an initiative that encourages youth to follow a career in the automotive repair industry.

VW apprentice, Duncan Loibl, described the project as special. "We are all [...] proud of our car and the knowledge we have gained. I am grateful for this experience and for the opportunity to take part in the ID.5 GTX 'Xcite' project."


Of course, we don't expect this creation to enter production, but perhaps Volkswagen will offer a premium interior package with added Alcantara and vegan leather. It looks incredible, and we're sure some clients will pay for a more luxurious cabin.

"The ID.5 'Xcite' is a real eye-catcher," said Jens Rothe, chairman of the general works council at Volkswagen Sachsen. "The entire team deserves a word of praise. The project gives an impressive demonstration of the young specialists' skills. At Volkswagen in Saxony, we currently have 573 apprentices and young people on dual courses of study. For us, high-quality training is not only necessary but also part of our social responsibility," he added.


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