VW ID.7 Might Have The World's Most Comfortable Seats

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The seats boast advanced activation for the pelvis and spine.

Volkswagen has explained how the new optional ergoActive premium seats for the ID.7 works, which have been made in collaboration with orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists, and sports scientists from the German Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR).

As you might've guessed, the option is developed to make traveling more comfortable - and could be a contender for the best seats in the automotive world. The ergoActive premium seats for front occupants include features like massage programs, automatic air conditioning, and advanced activation for certain muscle groups.

Volkswagen installed two air cushions on the seats that activate the pelvic and spinal regions, along with 10 more air cushions for relaxation and activation of the back muscles. These can operate through specific program sequences that last between 10 to 30 minutes.

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Moreover, the seats are complemented by an electric 12-way adjustment and manual two-way depth adjustment with thigh support.

As for the automatic air conditioning, the technology measures the temperature and moisture levels on the seats to provide the optimum heating and ventilation settings. According to VW, the energy needed for this feature is lower than what is needed to adjust the temperature of the entire cabin.

The ergoActive premium seats can be adjusted on the seats and the infotainment screen. A memory function also helps occupants save their preferred settings.

"Lifting up the sit bones tilts the pelvis. This then produces a slight rotation of the spine, which is additionally supported by the air cushions in the back," explained Ulrich Kuhnt, consultant to AGR and Chair of the German Association of Back Schools.

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"These small movements extend all the way up to the cervical spine. They prevent tension from building up and can even increase concentration."

It won't be until next year that we get to see the Volkswagen ID.7 stateside as a 2025 model. The full specification for the US version has yet to be disclosed. Still, European buyers can get the optional ergoActive premium seats in a package for 4,450 euros, or $4,710 at current exchange rates.

If the option makes its way to the US, some buyers who prioritize comfort might start fancying the ID.7 more than the Tesla Model 3, currently in its pre-facelift form. The more premium rival, the BMW i4, is also offered with optional front ventilated seats and front and rear heated seats for $700.

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