VW Is Building A Car That Can Finally Defeat The Prius

Take that people who think VW is bad for the environment!

Back in 2013, Volkswagen announced that it would build an ultra fuel-efficient car called the XL1. The car could achieve a record 261 mpg, but only 250 units were built for the staggering price of $146,000. The XL1 was obviously a serious competitor for any car as far as fuel efficiency was concerned. However, it was too expensive, and too impractical to really make the Prius sweat. Now, though, Volkswagen hopes to use what it learned from building the XL1 to go straight for the the Prius' throat. It plans to increase the car's electrified range.

At the heart of this new electric range, would be a Prius-rival called the XL3. This car is expected to feature an electric motor producing around 30 horsepower with a detuned version of VW’s 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. The XL3 will feature cylinder deactivation to save even more fuel and achieve 94 mpg. Volkswagen's electric cars will be built on a new MEB platform that will be compatible with the MBQ platform that underpins many of VW's current models. VW says that a new platform would allow them to build a car that is as long as a Golf with the interior volume of a Passat. Although hybrids are a bit boring, we look forward to seeing if Volkswagen can build something that looks better than the Prius, and can end the endless Toyota hybrid domination.

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