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VW May Actually Build The Cool Atlas Tanoak

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They just need your enthusiastic response to get going.

VW revealed the Atlas Tanoak and Cross Sport at the New York Auto Show earlier this year and while both vehicles were clearly much more than hollowed-out concept cars, they maintained that they were not planning to put the Tanoak into production.

That stance seems to have changed in the intervening months, first with VW of America CEO, Hinrich Woebcken stating that the possibility of production hinged on the level of interest the concepts garnered. Now, VW has announced that both concept cars will be shown during the Monterey Car Week and stated that the event is where "manufacturers showcase what will and may become a reality."

That is not quite the same as confirming production plans outright, but it does follow on from VW's need to gauge interest in the US market and the company later confirmed that the Tanoak may be in the cards for the North American market. The Atlas Cross Sport concept meanwhile is much closer to production status with a potential launch of 2019 being promised.

The concept Cross Sport features a plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising of a 3.6-liter V6 engine and two electric motors. Whether this particular version makes it to production is uncertain, but VW did promise a range of advanced engines and a 4Motion AWD system.

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The Tanoak meanwhile had a traditional 276-hp 3.6-liter V6 motor under its hood at the New York Auto Show, although that may change for the Monterey event. Both models are based on the highly flexible MQB platform which should enable the Tanoak to be built at the same factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as the standard Atlas and the Cross Sport. Take a look at these images and tell us you wouldn't want one of these futuristic-looking trucks in your driveway.