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VW May Just Build the Beetle Dune Concept

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"It is practically a production vehicle." - VW

Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled the Beetle Dune Concept. Consider it a modern day, factory-built version of those classic Beetle desert racers. We loved the concept but at the time VW wasn't sure whether a production version would arrive one day. While we still haven't received official confirmation, VW has dropped the biggest hint yet that the Dune is on its way to showrooms.

In a recent media release, VW confirmed what we already knew: the Dune Concept is based off the current Beetle, has a set of 19-inch wheels, a body raised by 50 mm, and features an all-terrain look. It also says: "...while it remains a concept car, everything about it is feasible - it is practically a production vehicle." If VW doesn't have any intention to build it, then why use the words "practically a production vehicle"? Now, the only thing that we feel the concept is missing is an all-wheel-drive system. If VW were to fix that issue (Quattro system borrowed from Audi, perhaps?), then this thing could just become the coolest Beetle on the market.

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