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VW Orders US Dealers to Stop Selling (Some) GTIs


Don't worry, it's not all that bad.

No automaker is perfect, that’s for sure. And when it comes to issuing recalls, the typical formula is the sooner the better. Noting how much scrutiny General Motors is currently under, Volkswagen has decided not to take any chances. None whatsoever. The German automaker has just issued a stop-sale order to its US and Canadian dealers specifically for the Golf and GTI. However, the order only affects about 800 units.

The problem with those cars is with the front stabilizer which was installed with too little torque. Apparently, the stabilizer links can come loose over time. They will also make "considerable noise." Basically, the cars’ steering could be affected. Fortunately there have been no reported crashes, injuries, or anything else in regards to the problem. Those who’ve already bought a new 2015 Golf or GTI suspected to have this issue will be notified by mail. The front stabilizer links will obviously be replaced free of charge.

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