VW Planning a Six-Member SUV Family

Hopes to dethrone Toyota by riding high in the off-road market.

With the Volkswagen Group’s ongoing attempts to knock Toyotaoff the top of global sales rankings, and with the ongoing growth inthe SUV market predicted to keep surging, the group is aiming to expand its line of SUVs to include up tosix models. According to analysts, the sport utility segment is expected tocomprise 20.1 percent of global production by 2018. VW wants to have a bigger pieceof that pie, growing beyond the current nibble provided by the Touaregand Tiguan.

The Tiguan is already slated for a redesign next year, butVW is also expected to offer the Taigun – fitting in below the Tiguan – in additionto a production version of its CrossBlue Concept. The company is also likely to create a product that is somewhat based on the T-Roc concept.

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