VW Planning Another Major Motorsport Program

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Volkswagen is gearing up for its World Rally Championship entry next season with the Polo R WRC, but a recent interview suggests the German automaker could have something even bigger planned.

The Volkswagen Group has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies when it comes to motor racing. Sure, it may not be in F1 or NASCAR (two of the biggest racing series in the world) but between its various brands, the automotive empire competes in more forms of motorsport than you could shake a stick at. Bentley is entering sportscar racing with the Continental GT3, Porsche has a new LMP1 program, Audi dominates Le Mans, Ducati competes in MotoGP and Volkswagen itself entering the WRC.

In other words, there's plenty of racing action jammed in under that corporate umbrella. But what's next? Drive's racing commentator Leo Parente sat down for a (Skype) chat with VW's motorsport chief Jost Capito. The nearly half-hour interview gives racing fans some insight into how things work at VW racing, but it gets most interesting around the 20-minute mark.

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That's when Capito drops a hint at what the Volkswagen racing division has planned. Capito indicated that VW was planning to enter another major racing series within the next five years. He declined to reveal any further details than that, but seemed to suggest that whatever series it is, it would be competing in the United States. That leaves the door wide open, of course, and could mean NASCAR or F1 (as VW has been rumored to be considering for years), or it could mean something else entirely. Where do you think Volkswagen should spend its racing budget next?

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