VW Planning Lots More Enthusiast EVs After ID.Buzz

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The emotionally-charged EV is about to hit the streets.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz was first introduced to us as a concept in 2017 and when we first laid eyes on it, we couldn't help but cross our fingers and hope that it would transform into a production vehicle. Five years later, our dreams are coming true. Volkswagen has teased that the ID.Buzz's official first drives will soon be taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Of course, these will just be pre-production drives as the official reveal for the production car is only expected to take place this March. But the ID.Buzz is just the beginning, and VW wants the car-buying public to know that the funky little electric van will act as a launchpad for upcoming enthusiast-focused electric cars.

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In a recent interview, Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstatter told Autocar that the ID.Buzz will be "definitely the most emotional of our electric models" and that it will also be crucial when it comes to the brand's push to transform into "the most desirable brand for sustainable mobility." Furthermore, the upcoming plethora of EVs will enter the industry as a showcase that confirms VW employees are "people who love cars."

We don't have any confirmed figures for the final production model but Brandstatter says the van's modular electric drive matrix (MEB) platform will act as an ambassador for "how flexible and versatile our modular electric drive system is." The MEB was first applied to the ID.3 hatch but its versatility goes further than just one body style.

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The aforementioned concept was unveiled with two possible drivetrains that could make it to production. The first is a rear-wheel-drive layout with 270 horsepower and the flagship is a 369 hp all-wheel-drive option. The ID.4 GTX currently employs said AWD layout but with reduced output of 295 hp. This same alteration could be applied to the flagship ID.Buzz.

Beyond this, Volkswagen will be introducing two variations of the ID.3. The first will be an open-top cabriolet model which will be a successor to the roofless Golf but thanks to the modular design, we can expect this example to be closer to the hardtop's price. An ID.3 GTX hot hatch will also be introduced as a follow-up to the ID.X concept with the expectation of it gaining the 295 hp output as well. Brandstatter says this model will campaign a "Fun to drive is a part of mobility" ethos.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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