VW Plots New Lightweight Sports Car

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Taking the technology of its limited edition XL1 even further, VW is supposedly planning a new sports car with 911 performance.

Volkswagen is an automaker that's more than wealthy enough to take its fair share of technology risks. Some pay off, others don't. But that financial risk can be well worth it in the end. Which leads us to this recent rumor that will more than likely turn out to be true: VW is allegedly planning and developing an ultra-light, mid-engined sports car that'll carry the base price of a Porsche 911 but will have the fuel economy of a Golf GTD.

Said to be called the XR1, VW is reportedly planning to take the carbon fiber technology know-how it gained from its limited-edition 313 mpg XL1. Specifically, it could very well have the XL1's carbon-fiber reinforced polymer chassis and gullwing doors, and a targeted curb weight of just under 1,900 lbs. Do a little comparison check there and you'll notice that's lighter than a Lotus Elise. As stated previously, the XR1 may come powered by the Golf GTD's turbocharged 2.0-liter four, but VW engineers are still tinkering with the idea of either sticking with the turbo, a supercharged triple, or even a hybrid power set up.

Performance will also be quite something, as the target number is the 911's 0-62 mph time of 4.6 seconds. Top speed will be around 190 mph and fuel economy will still be over 70 mpg. Impressive. Styling wise, expect those gullwings along with the removal of the XL1's rear wheel fairings. No exact launch date is known just yet, but the goal is to sell the XR1 at an affordable price.

Source Credits: carmagazine.co.uk

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