VW Presents New Gol in Sao Paulo

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Volkswagen reveals three-door variant of Brazil's best-selling car.

Volkswagen has used the Sao Paulo motor show to reveal a new three-door version of its Gol hatchback, which has stood as Brazil's best-selling car for the past 25 years. Over seven million units have been produced and sold locally in that time, and in its latest iteration comes with VW's evolved front fascia design. It's a bit larger than the Polo but smaller than the Golf, although officials failed to confirm its exact underpinnings. The platform is believed to be related to that used on the Audi A1 and Seat Ibiza.

FlexFuel units that run on gasoline, ethanol or a combination of the two make up the engine line-up. Currently the Gol commands a massive ten-percent share of the Brazilian market, which is expected to grow by 5 million sales per annum by 2018. VW is aiming to capture a large chunk of that with this new Gol variant and the introduction of its planned budget sub-brand. Talking at the show, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, VW's head of product development, said: "We currently produce cars in China that cost around 8,000 Euro, but there is space for cars costing around 6,000 Euro."

Hackenburg also confirmed that although existing technology would be used to keep costs down, the budget brand would be "something new," as opposed to a simple transformation of one of its existing brands such as Seat or Skoda.

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