VW Rabbit With Nissan SR20 Swap Is A 1,000-HP Drag Monster

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It's also converted to rear-wheel-drive.

A guy from South Africa has successfully married a first-generation Typ14 Volkswagen Caddy, known in the US as the Rabbit, with a Nissan SR20 inline-four engine. The result is an absolute beast of a vehicle that can produce a whopping 1,007 horsepower and 820 lb-ft of torque.

The vehicle, which goes by the name "El Paco," was built as a drag car by Lance Pillay of ERF Racing. In an interview with the Speed and Sound YouTube channel, Lance talked a bit about his monster of a mini-truck. He explained that the incredible figures from a four-banger were all about forced induction and a sick tune from a South Africa-based company called Kruger Worx.

Speed and Sound/YouTube Speed and Sound/YouTube

Based on the Volkswagen Golf, the Caddy was sold in the USA as the Rabbit pickup, the 1990s equivalent of the modern-day Hyundai Santa Fe or Ford Maverick. We've seen some awesome Rabbit builds before, but this thing is just nuts.

At a minimum, Lance runs El Paco's at an incredible 39 psi. That's a mind-bending amount of pressure, considering that even the already bonkers record-shattering Koenigsegg Jesko Attack uses a slightly lower boost pressure of 31 psi.

We're not surprised as Lance's Caddy is a drag car, which typically takes forced induction systems to the extreme. It also helps that it uses an SR20 motor, which is touted to be robust enough to push 400 hp without breaking a sweat.

Speed and Sound/YouTube Speed and Sound/YouTube

Other than the massive amount of boost, the vehicle was likewise converted to rear-wheel-drive. Other mods on this build are a beefy rear differential, a custom rear wing, an aftermarket engine management system, a drag chute, a custom hood exhaust exit, a custom intake, and a huge radiator. Obviously, though, there are more mods on this ride to handle that amount of stress.

Currently, the El Paco can already run 10-second passes on the quarter-mile. Lance, however, isn't sitting on his laurels and wants to take the vehicle up into the nines. Once it does that, he says a Volkswagen motor will return to its engine bay.

Speed and Sound/YouTube Speed and Sound/YouTube

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