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VW's Future Plans May Include Pickup And Revived Phaeton

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If all goes to plan, VW will have some exciting new models to add to its lineup.

Volkswagen has been put through the ringer as the company has worked tirelessly to make people forget about the Dieselgate scandal. The German automaker is working on a host of new models, and Automotive News has some of the details, as well as a few speculative guesses as to what we can expect in the coming years. We know EVs will play a big role in VW's plan as the company phases out diesel models. Likewise, crossovers will play a major role moving forward, but VW may also be working on a few exciting surprise models.

On the SUV front, VW will need to add more models to satisfy the desire for crossovers in the US. VW will likely introduce a two-row version of the Atlas based on the Atlas Cross Sport Concept as a 2020 model in 2019. Despite its European success, the T-Roc won't be sold in the US, instead, US will receive . VW will also consider building a pickup truck, which could be based on the Ford Ranger or the recently revealed Atlas Tanoak Concept, but a decision has not been made as of yet.

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We expect VW to reveal several EVs in the coming years, including crossover, hatchback, and microbus models. The Beetle will be phased out soon, and an EV replacement could be in the works. We do know for sure that VW's ID lineup of EV models will add the ID Cross SUV in 2020, ID hatchback in 2021, and ID Buzz van in 2022. There was also mention of a secret fourth EV model, a sedan, which could be an all-electric revival of the Phaeton flagship sedan.

The company's current flagship, the Arteon, should be arriving in US dealerships soon after being on sale in Europe for a while now. Sadly, we still have no news about when the Arteon will be available. As we continue to wait for the Arteon, a new Passat based on the MQB platform should be arriving in 2019.