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VW's Golf R400 Goes 420 For Production

Company says it is green lit and in development "right now".

Oneyear after revealing the craziest version yet of the Golf at the 2014 ShanghaiAuto Show, Volkswagen says that the car is headed for production and is"in fact in development right now". The first production road-goingcar to employ the group's new 2.0-liter turbo engine previewed in the AudiTT420, VW is likely to now tack the 420 number onto the Golf R's nameplate as well. Thenew engine is rated at 420 metric hp (400-414 bhp), and the company says it is"in fact in development of it right now".

Speakingto Car magazine, VW group powertrain chief Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser said that thehottest Golf ever is just a few months away. Beyond its engine, the car isreported to be all-wheel drive, sporting less design gear than the Shanghaiconcept but still equipped with a new spoiler, aero pack and splitters andother goodies to differentiate itself from your run-of-the-mill Golf Rs. Itwill also get a new set of brakes to match its power increase. The R400/420 isexpected to debut at the September Frankfurt show. With deliveries beginning laterthis year or early in 2016, the company hopes to keep the price tag below €50,000.However, there is still no sign that an exchange rate to dollars will berelevant for this model.

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