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VW's New Trademarked Names Are Anything But Original

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But they are instantly recognizable.

We all know Volkswagen is about to unleash an all-new lineup of all-electric vehicles, beginning with the I.D hatchback, for 2020. A production-spec version of the classic Microbus-inspired I.D. Buzz is also expected within the next few years. What we don't know just yet is what their official nameplates will be. Chances are the names used for the concepts won't carry over to production. So, what will VW do?

According to VW Vortex, the German automaker went on a trademarking spree last week, applying to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the names I.D. 1 through I.D. 9.

How original indeed.

However, if this is the final naming procedure, it does make an awful lot of sense. Just look at BMW, for example. All of its vehicles series are numerical, thus making them extremely easy to identify. Mercedes-Benz and its letter focused names? It still confuses us. Acura's current lineup consists of the ILX, TSX, TL, RLX, MDX, and NSX. Only Acura's employees can keep all of that perfectly straight. Even Cadillac has adopted numbers over letters or names, such as XT4, XT5, etc. Volvo's new high-performance technology brand, Polestar? How does the name Polestar 1, 2, and 3 sound to you? Like we said, simply using numbers in sequence is not creative but it works for everything from marketing and customer recognition. Furthermore, numbers are infinite.

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VW can then trademark I.D. 10, 11, etc. You get the point. What we don't know at this time is whether or not VW has trademarked these same names at the US Patent and Trademark Office as well. Studies have shown Americans sometimes do prefer actual vehicular names instead of numbers. However we think VW will opt for a global approach on this one. Its all-electric car lineup, which billions have been invested in, represents the future of the carmaker.