VW Says All Diesel Models In Europe Will Be Fixed Within One Year


European Volkswagen owners will finally get compensation for Dieselgate.

Volkswagen is not out of the clear from its emissions scandal. The German automaker has already pledged to buy back over half a million cars in the US and compensate their owners. In the US alone, this buyback is set to cost VW around $7 billion. Now, Automotive News Europe reports that Volkswagen has pledged to fix all European diesel models with a defeat device by Autumn of 2017. VW board member Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz met with EU consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova to organize a plan to bring cars into compliance.


EU spokesperson Christian Wigand said that Volkswagen agreed "to have all cars repaired by autumn 2017" and will offer "proof of conformity." Unfortunately, if you're a European VW diesel owner, you won't be offered the same buyout deal that American consumers got. The company claims that the technology fix for European models is easier and that owners won't suffer from the same drop in vehicle value. That means that Volkswagen will simply fix your car, rather offer to buy it back. In Europe, over 8.5 million cars were affected, and so far less than 10% have been fixed. Models with 1.2- and 2.0-liter engines only need a software update, but 1.6-liter models need a mesh install near the air filter.

VW says that the majority of the cars will be fixed later this year, but an unspecified number of cars will have to wait. In the meantime, if you're a diesel Volkswagen owner, keep a look out for a notice for when you can get your car fixed.

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