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VW Scirocco Nip/Tuck Keeps Things Fresh

Facelift / 19 Comments

And no, it's still not coming to the US.

Although a replacement is currently in development, the third-generation Volkswagen Scirocco has been given a facelift towards the end of its production life. The exterior updates are modest, but they're still quite noticeable. Starting off with a revised front bumper and bi-xenon LED headlights, the front grille has also been updated with the look of the latest gen Golf. The rear bumper and taillights (also now LED units) have received their own attention.

All styling updates will also translate over to the Scirocco R, which will now come with a larger rear spoiler and updated alloys. The interior has also been tweaked some, most notably with those dash-top gauges that pay tribute to the first-gen model. There's also an updated instrument cluster and media system. We particularly like the flat-bottom steering wheel. The entire engine lineup has also been upgraded with start/stop technology and battery regeneration mode. Gearbox options remain unchanged: either a six-speed manual or optional dual-clutch. What also won't change is the fact that this Scirocco isn't coming stateside, an issue we hope will be corrected with the fourth-gen car.

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