VW Scirocco on Bentley Wheels is Odd but Awesome


The current German trend cannibalizes this innocent Volkswagen.

If you aren't up to date on the German tuning industry, you may not know that the current fad taking over local roads is fitting Audis and Volkswagens with Bentley wheels. We can't tell you why, exactly, but apparently this trend is taking the country by storm. The latest example comes from a company named Folienking, which has taken this stock Scirocco and turned it into a sight to behold. In addition to the Bentley wheels, it receives a new exhaust by HG-Motorsport.

Next, the Scirocco's front, sides and rear are modified, lowered and widened, and the wheels are fitted with disc brakes sourced from the Audi TT RS. The interior is also completely overhauled, all to set the tone for the Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series 9x20-inch wheels with 225/30/20 tires. The outcome is so weird, that it's actually kind of cool.

Source Credits: www.facebook.com

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