VW Sees the Most Green in Going Green

Electric Car

After all, business is business.

It’s no secret that Volkswagen has every intention of becoming the world’s largest automaker by 2018. It even publicly declared that just a couple of years ago. But if you’re going to be number one in this day and age, you’re also going to have to dominate the so-called green car niche. That’s exactly what VW intends do as well. While the Frankfurt Motor Show is in full swing, VW just released a statement declaring that in just five years’ time it plans on being the global market leader in electric mobility.

We are starting at exactly the right time. We are electrifying all vehicle classes, and therefore have everything we need to make the Volkswagen Group the top automaker in all respects, including electric mobility, by 2018," so said CEO Martin Winterkorn. In fact, that roll out has already begun with such models like the new e-Golf that will compete head-on with the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and the Ford Focus EV. More than likely, the e-Golf will be sold in California and a few other US markets. The US won’t get the e-U city car, however. Winterkorn further declared that his company will sell 14 hybrid and electric models by the end of next year.

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One example is Porsche’s new Panamera S E-Hybrid, which is a plug-in hybrid. Other VW green cars already on sale in the US are the Jetta and Touareg hybrids. Feeling a bit depressed that VW is going all green? Don’t be, because Winterkorn assured the world that "The electric car cannot be a compromise on wheels, it must convince customers in every respect." We’ll see Martin. We’ll see.