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VW T5 Pimped by Carisma Auto

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Interiors of commercial vans don’t come much more luxurious than this.

If you've never heard of Carisma then you're not alone. The go-to company for celebrities, professional sports players and government officials wanting a high-end interior, Carisma Auto Design creates bespoke cabins for the cream of society. We mere mortals are welcome to utilize its services but best come with deep pockets. Its latest project was for a family-owned Volkswagen T5, which was transformed with luxury materials and gadgets including an audio visual package made up of a TV, DVD and CD players, and concealed PSPs.

The front and rear cabin seats have been coated in dark blue leather with grey leather piping featuring on the grey quilted ceiling, tables and side panels. Piano black solid wood veneers trim the center consoles, while double stitching on the headrests and steering wheel epitomize the attention-to-detail that go into each of the British interior stylist's work.

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