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VW Tarok Concept Looks Awesome, Please Build This Truck

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Ask nicely and it could even show up at your local Volkswagen dealer.

American truck buyers are not lacking for choices in the pickup market, but they all fall in into one of two essential categories: mid-size or full-size. And they're almost all built on ladder frames.

The Volkswagen Tarok concept is a different beast entirely. It's still a pickup, but it's more compact, like the Dodge Dakotas and Chevy S-10s of yore. That, in and of itself, would be enough to make the Tarok stand out at an American car show like the one at which it's being displayed in New York. But there's more to the Tarok than that.

Unlike all those bigger body-on-frame trucks, the Tarok is based on a more car-like unibody platform – the VW Group's highly adaptable MQB architecture that underpins everything from the Audi A1 to the Volkswagen Atlas. That'd put it in league with the Honda Ridgeline, but (again) smaller.

The concept also packs a bit of a party trick in the back. Nope, not a mullet, but a flexible cargo bed that expands its capacity beyond its small dimensions, straight into the cab through an unusual (though not altogether unprecedented) aperture in the rear bulkhead.

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If it seems unlikely to ever see production, its creators would tell you otherwise. The Tarok – in some form or another, with or without the flexible cargo capacity – is soon to enter production, and on this side of the Atlantic: it's being built in South America for the local market. And if reception proves positive enough at the 2019 New York Auto Show, where it's being shown in North America for the first time, the German automaker could even bring it (or something like it) to the US market, with or without Ford's help.