VW Teases Frankfurt-Bound ID Crozz With Production-Ready Looks

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Here's how VW plans on making its ultra futuristic concept palatable for the surface streets.

For whatever the reason-maybe it's the broken hearts left in the wake of discontinued Vipers or shaky promises of a mid-engine C8 Corvette that have yet to be fulfilled-enthusiasts are an insecure bunch. We see a concept, drool over it, hear promises that it'll come to market, and spend the next few months or even years fretting over whether or not the automaker has changed its mind. Well, fans of the curious-looking ID Crozz that Volkswagen unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show need not worry about that.

To quell fan insecurity, the German automaker has just released a progress report of sorts to keep us fully updated on the Volkswagen ID Crozz's build status. That red grille-free smile we see here is none other than that of a redrawn ID Crozz, shaped in a way that'll appeal to regulators and bean counters alike. Most of the original shape has been retained, a given considering it rests on Volkswagen's all-electric MEB platform, but some small touches hint at a car that's gradually going from show-stopping concept to production-ready game changer. Keep an eye on the front and rear ends for the strongest evidence of this, says Volkswagen, though for now we only get a glimpse of the Frankfurt-bound concept's front end.

A wide hood and front wings hint at the fact that this SUV will be squat to better cut through the wind while remaining wide to accommodate floor-mounted batteries. Designing the ID Crozz like this allows for the preservation of interior space for occupants without cutting away at aerodynamic efficiency. Though the ID Crozz still lacks a grille, a light bar ties the light-up VW logo on the front end to new headlights to ease customers into the transition from grille to empty space. The wheels, no longer futuristic pizza dishes with Volkswagen logos, look much closer to the alloy units we can expect to see on dealership-bound versions of the ID Crozz. We'll be sure to put a rush order on those full body photos when we see the ID Crozz in Frankfurt next week.

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Can't wait that long? Then check out the ID Crozz's short cameo appearance in Volkswagen's latest teaser here.


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