VW Van Becomes DJ Tank

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The aptly-named Super Stylish Slope Device gains traction as the ultimate DJ party booth for the slopes or the beach.

Its Austrian owners call it the "Super Stylish Slope Device": a 60,000-euro rolling DJ booth born after a 1966 VW T1 bus and a 1960's Bombardier B01 Spurgrat snowmobile got it on and adopted an electronics store. Originally commissioned in 2005, the tank-tracked creation has gone through some serious modifications, including chopping off the roof, retrofitting it with lateral steel bars and welding the front doors to the body. As a result, the only way to get in is via the sliding passenger side door.

Once in, there's a pneumatic-powered platform that will lift a DJ and his gear ten feet in the air. The treads are powered by a Ford Taunus V4, while the 1,000-watt subwoofer, 5-channel Behringer mixer and pair of Technic turntables get juice from a Honda generator.

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