VW Vans Receive Subura Heart Transplants

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One company has made it its mission to swap out the original engines in old VW Vanagons for a Subaru boxer four.

The original VW Bus may hold plenty of fond memories for the Baby Boomer generation, being the vehicle of choice for Woodstock and other drug-fueled hippie road trips. The second-gen was known as the Type 2, or Vanagon in the US. It wasn't nearly as cool as its predecessor, but it did the job for many nonetheless. That said, instead of having one of its original air-cooled engines under the hood, wouldn't it be better to have something more powerful? The folks at Subagon thought as much. So swapped the original engines out in favor of one from Subaru.

With a range of Subaru boxer fours to choose from, including the 3.3-liter unit that powered the WRX's predecessor, the SVX, that old Vanagon is also offered with a host of optional upgrades. A conversion like this doesn't come cheap, with one particular finished Subagon costing more than $60k.

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