VW Wants Honda And Toyota Owners To Try The New ID.4

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Once you go electric, you may not go back.

Volkswagen is gearing up for its most important North American launch of the century, its first electric crossover. Production in Germany has already begun for the Volkswagen ID.4, meaning an official reveal can't be far off. After several teasers, VW just shared a sliver of new information about the upcoming ID.4, including some details about the exterior design. Two design sketches outline the ID.4 outstanding drag coefficient of 0.28. Aerodynamics play a major factor in an EV's range, and as we've already seen with the ID.3 hatchback, a low drag coefficient can result in impressive distance on a single charge.

"The ID.4 represents an electric design evolution," says Klaus Zyciora, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group. "Its exterior design is clean, flowing and powerful. It appears strong and self-confident in a new way. This is mainly due to the seamless, aerodynamic style of our electric vehicle family, which we have transferred to the SUV segment for the first time with the ID.4. The design looks as if shaped by the wind itself."

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VW hopes the ID.4's styling can do more than just improve range. It wants to capture customers who are strongly considering purchasing an EV but still aren't ready to pull the trigger on one. "There are many car buyers right now, really sitting on the fence for an EV. They know that they want their next car to be an EV, but could be a few things keeping them away," Dustin Krause, Director of eMobility explained.

"The cost of EVs, up until recently, has been prohibitive. Access to charging and infrastructure, if you live in an apartment, it's difficult to charge. And on the road, access to DC fast charging is important. A lot of those things, now being solved, will bring new customers into the fold," he added.

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VW doesn't envision the ID.4 as a direct Tesla rival, but a perfect alternative for standard crossover owners who are ready to switch to an EV. "We think that the customers right now are driving traditional internal combustion engine cars," Krause said.

VW is targeting "those who are driving Toyota RAV4s and Honda CR-Vs, but looking for an alternative to their current car as an EV, but don't have many options. We think we will have a compelling option for customers to consider." Your move, Japan.

The ID.4 makes its debut on September 23, 2020. On the same day, reservations open online for just $100, all of which are fully refundable. For $400, prospective buyers can lock in their exact configuration.

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