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VW Will Redesign Its Logo For Upcoming EV Era

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Not a complete redesign, but certainly a styling tweak.

We all know what the Volkswagen logo looks like. It's iconic, after all. But according to Bloomberg, the German automaker wants to tweak the logo's design for the first time since 2012 in preparation for the electric vehicle era. If the report is correct, then VW will unveil its new logo sometime next year just in time for the beginning of an EV lineup rollout, which will include production versions of concepts such as the ID Buzz and ID Crozz, both pictured here.

Jochen Sengpiehl, VW's chief marketing officer, confirmed the new logo at a Berlin press conference earlier this week as well, stating "The brand is not in good shape compared to previous years," because it's lost some of its emotional appeal by trying to be "too German," said Sengpiehl. "It's not only because of the diesel scandal." Ah yes, Dieselgate, the scandal that will likely never completely go away. VW is obviously very keen to move on from that whole debacle, and its massive $25 billion push into EVs will hopefully help leave the past behind. That new logo, it's believed, will help do just that.

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In addition, VW wants to expand its social media presence and fine tune its marketing approach, with the latter's goal being to win over EV skeptics. Now that VW has a newly minted CEO, Herbert Diess, who took over the job from Matthias Mueller, it appears as if the 12-brand automaker is laying all of the necessary ground work for the upcoming EV era, even though EVs currently make up only a fairly small market share percentage. In any case, expect to see the new VW brand logo to not only appear on the vehicle fronts, but also on smartphone screens. Remember, it's not only an upcoming EV era, but a mobility one as well.