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VW Won't Stop Reminding Honda That It Owns The Nurburgring FWD Lap Record

Another lap record, another reminder of how "slow" the Civic Type R is.

Earlier in the year, Volkswagen announced that it had snatched the Nurburgring front-wheel-drive lap record from the Honda Civic Type R. A video was released and everyone in Germany was happy. But then the Germans decided to rub Honda’s nose in it just a bit more. You see, the first lap record set by the limited edition Golf GTI Clubsport S just wasn’t fast enough, not even at 7:49.21. VW decided to try again, and this time it bested the previous world record—that it held—by two full seconds!

Best of all, this lap record was set in a car with a six-speed manual transmission, not the slick six-speed DSG (which isn't offered). Here’s the full footage of the run, which clocked in at 7:47.19.

For reference, the lap record formerly held by the Civic Type R was 7:50.63. Having your top time beaten by just a hair over a second isn’t all that bad, but with this new time things are starting to get a bit embarrassing. That being said a new Type R—and we expect a new lap record attempt—is on the way. The Type R won’t be out for a few more months so VW should be able to keep its crown without incident through the winter and into spring.

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