VW XL1 Caught in the Snow

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Volkswagen's is currently testing its XL1, a diesel-electric hybrid production car that will return around 235 mpg.

Volkswagen is dead serious about building a car that can return 235 mpg. You read that right, the upcoming VW XL1 will not only deliver industry-leading fuel economy but will also be a car that can handle all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Our spy photographers have just snapped some photos of a prototype out doing some cold weather winter testing (it was reportedly -22 degrees Fahrenheit), proving that the German automaker wants the car to perform properly even in the extreme cold.

It'll be powered by a small two-cylinder turbo diesel that produces around 50 horsepower as well as a 30 hp electric motor. Both engines will send power to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. On the design side of things, the XL1 will also feature gullwing doors and an interior that will closely resemble the concept version that was first revealed back in 2011 at the Qatar Motor Show. Those covers over the rear wheels will also likely make it production as they aid in the car's aerodynamics. Expect to see the production XL1 arrive sometime later this year.

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