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VXR Blue Edition

Vauxhall has given the Corsa VXR a slight refresh, and they're launching it was a special edition with a limited production run. The VXR Blue Edition will offer many features as standard that would normally give the price tag a hefty bump were they to be specced-up from the standard VXR. These include 18-inch alloy wheels, tinted windows, bespoke interior air vents and Recaro seats. Upgraded brakes and suspension are also standard.

The Blue Edition will also wear a special paint color, which we sincerely hope you've already guessed will be a shade of blue. Power will come from the same 1.6-liter turbo powerplant and will provide 192-horsepower. At 19,425 pounds, the VXR Blue Edition offers a significant price advantage over competitors like the Citroen DS3 Racing and the MINI Cooper Works. Vauxhall is taking orders now and the first VXR Blue Editions will hit dealerships in late February.

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