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W Motors' Insane Ghiath SUV Joins Dubai's Police Force

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This hi-tech cop car is ready to take you down. Downtown that is.

It seems that if you are a gearhead, the Dubai police force is a fantastic place to work for. Their pursuit vehicle fleet reads like the supercar collection of a wealthy rock star. Not many criminals are going to outrun a Lamborghini Aventador or Bugatti Veyron, but we have always wondered what would happen once the cops caught up with the felon. You are hardly going to ram some hopped up Toyota Camry with your million dollar supercar.

That is probably why these police exotics serve mostly as promotional vehicles, that is until now. W Motors, the company that brought us the skyscraper hopping Lykan Hypersport, has now turned its hand to a police-spec SUV called the Ghiath.

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As seen on the promotional video, it comes packed with some very hi-tech features, the most notable of which is a face-recognition system with a roof-mounted camera. Sounds scary, and for perps that are on the Dubai police force's database, it should be.

The Ghiath looks to be based on a Chevrolet Suburban, which is not exactly supercar quick but we are sure that the influence of W Motors means that the Giath has a few more horses than standard. Unlike the rest of the police supercar fleet, it is also equipped to forcefully apprehend wrong-doers as evidenced by its large front and rear nudge bars.

Number plate recognition software and more flashing LED strobe lights than you can count will surely come in handy too, as will the rear suicide doors that should allow the police to scoop up undesirables without even having to come to a full stop.

The interior shows a row of touchscreens surrounded by carbon fiber trim. This is Dubai after all. We never thought that crime was such a massive issue in Dubai, but if it is, this sure seems like the vehicle with which to deal with it.