W Motors Is Bringing 1,680 Horsepower To Monterey Car Week

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All for a price you probably can't afford.

We just learned that Koenigsegg would be showcasing the one-off, 1,160-hp Agera XS throughout Monterey Car Week. Considering supercars are pretty much a manifestation of the "my one's better than yours" mantra in automotive form, it's perhaps no real surprise to hear that W Motors has just announced it'll also be strutting its stuff during the same series of events. The upstart company will be bringing two flat-six-powered speed machines to the various gatherings. Leading the charge will be the 900-hp Fenyr SuperSport.

The car will be making its first ever appearance on US soil and only its second showcase in public since the original reveal during last year's Dubai Motor Show. For sure, it's not perhaps as visually outrageous as the Agera XS, but claims of a 2,645 lbs curb weight (nearly 400 lbs less than the XS, we add), the ability to make the 0-60 mph sprint in 2.7 seconds and a top speed in excess of 249 mph are statistics that only the most cynical of people wouldn't be intrigued by. And for those who feel the Fenyr is too outlandish, W Motors will be bringing a Lykan HyperSport example to Monterey, complete with a turbo-six that "only" has 780-hp.

Considering the Monterey Car Week will see several extremely affluent automotive enthusiasts in attendance, it's pretty much a given that W Motors isn't bringing the Fenyr and the Lykan along just for the fun of it. As no announcements have been made on the Fenyr SuperSport's production run being accounted for, it's safe to assume that W Motors will be keen on attracting a few more buyers. Although we doubt the sales pitch will involve an appeal along the lines of "at $1.85 million, the SuperSport is a steal compared to the $3.4 million Lykan!" Maybe we'll hear more about those SUVs that W Motors is developing as well. All and more will hopefully be revealed in a few days time.

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