W Motors Needs An Entry-Level Supercar To Do What The Lykan Hypersport Couldn’t


The Lykan Hypersport is inauthentic, but a true supercar could change that.

It’s no secret that the auto industry is a lot like high stakes gambling. Many dreamers try to enter the market and build the car of their fantasies, but most of the time, this ends in little more than crushing debt and ruthless defeat. The few that have made it are fueled by an incredibly strong passion to change the face of transportation or to make a piece of rolling art. How else can one explain working day or night, enduring the nail biting fear and anxiety brought on by looming failure, and the guts to risk it all on a childhood dream?

To a normal person, it seems crazy. But normal people aren’t usually the ones that change the world. Some of these dreamers include Enzo Ferrari, Horacio Pagani, and Christian von Koenigsegg. And then there’s W Motors, the maker of an incredibly rare and expensive supercar that to the outside eye, looks like the classic story of a starry-eyed dreamer that made it. We have our doubts about the authenticity of W motors’ only car, the Lykan Hypersport, but in the interest of second chances, we’d like to propose an idea for the company. So far, W Motors has focused on building the Hypersport in extremely limited numbers, meaning that there are only seven of these roaming the earth.

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They each cost $3.4 million, and even though many of the world’s billionaire car collectors have more than enough cash to snap one up, W Motors has had a hard time selling them. It could be the lack of supercar-like features or even the notable absence of prestige (a huge selling point for ultra-rare examples made from other companies), but we’d like to think it’s due to the fact that good gearheads won’t be duped by a car that tries to walk into the scene and claim the crown without being worthy of it. In life, there are no shortcuts, and W Motors needs to endure the growing pains associated with starting a supercar company from scratch before it can rise to the ranks of the Lamborghini Centenario or Koenigsegg One:1.

W Motors is trying to fix the slow sales problem by introducing the Fenyr Supersport. This car that will still be extremely rare with a 25 unit production run and cost over a million dollars. As the proposed Fenyr Supersport shows, W Motors is going about it all wrong, and that’s why we’d like to propose a recommendation to the aspiring company: build an entry-level supercar for the masses and show us what you’ve got. In the upper echelons of the car world, entry-level is a relative term. After all, Lamborghini’s entry-level car is the impressive Huracan, and this is what Lykan’s car should target. In the sub $300K price range, things get a bit more cramped with Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and Audi breathing down a newbie’s neck.

Instead of pulling a move out of Kim Jong Un’s playbook and claiming that it’s cars are worth as much as some of the most expensive and established supercars in the world, W Motors should come back down from its high horse and try to make a car that would compete with some real supercars. The one thing that the Lykan Hypersport has going for it is design, and that’s thanks to Anthony Jannarelly who is also responsible for the Zarooq Sand Racer and the stunning Jannarelly Design-1. With Jannarelly drafting up designs for the new car, W Motors would have what it needs to make a car attractive enough to compete with the Ferrari 488 GTB and even win. To make things easier, W Motors could recycle a lot of parts from the Lykan Hypersport.

With a V6 Ferrari on the way, the RUF-sourced turbocharged 3.7-liter flat six engine should do just fine for the power output. The mountain that Lykan would have to conquer is the same one that every supercar manufacturer in the past had to climb. It involves making a car that wows the crowds, has enough power to trump the competition, can handle the city streets, turns a blistering lap time, and most importantly, has a definable character. No one knows if the Lykan Hypersport lives up to its advertised numbers because its endangered status means that it hasn't been tested. If, however, the Lykan Hypersport does meet the mark, then trickled down technology would make an entry-level car a winner. Please W Motors, make it happen.