W Motors Reveals 1,000HP SuperSport

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Initial renderings of Dubai-based carmaker's second supercar have been released.

With the Lykan HyperSport finally ready for production, Lebanese carmaker W Motors can now turn its attention to the SuperSport. CEO Ralph Debbas confirmed the company's second supercar would offer superior performance than the HyperSport but won't come with the exclusive touches such as gold stitching, diamonds and holographic display. It will, however, come with over 1,000 hp and weigh in at less than 1,200 kg.

Design-wise, the front end will feature angular air intakes, a carbon-fiber lower spoiler, large hood openings and LED accents. A massive rear diffuser dominates the aggressive rear end that boasts four huge tailpipes while the roof is made of exposed carbon fiber. W Motors is planning to pump out 25 SuperSports with prices tipped to exceed the $3.4 million buyers are paying for the HyperSport.

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