Wait, A Clutch Job On An Old Acura NSX Costs How Much?!

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That's why they call them stealerships.

Rob Ferretti of the YouTube channel Super Speeders knows a thing or two about maintenance on expensive cars. He made a whole video filled with nothing but Lamborghinis breaking down. This video doesn't feature any Lamborghinis, just a 2004 Acura NSX. The car is Ferretti's and the video is a mini rant against the high cost of a dealership repair job. The job was for a new clutch and the cost came out to $5,493, of which parts were $3,993. The crux of his complaint is the cost of a flywheel for a lightweight engine like the NSX's.

We've all faced surprise repair bills at the shop so Ferretti's situation is nothing new. However, check out the video before you call him a complainer. Then let us know if you have any pity for him in the comments section.

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