Wait, How Much Are People Willing To Pay For Autonomous Tech?

Autonomous Car

How much is self-driving worth to you?

The advancement of autonomous technology is moving at an extremely fast pace, and the general public is slowly but surely accepting its eventual onset in nearly every new car. Although that’s still a few years away, CNET is citing a report from Science Direct called "Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies" that asked people how much they’d be willing to pay for both partial and fully autonomous tech. The figure was $3,500 for only partial, and $4,900 for full autonomy.

Specifically, the survey defined partial autonomous as something like the current crop of driver-assistance systems, like emergency braking. A total of 1,260 people answered the survey’s questions, and this number of individuals is supposed to represent a cross-section of the US population. The survey also showed some interesting findings, such as some people’s willingness to pay more than $10,000 for full autonomy. However, the researchers noted that because self-driving technology is still so new, not all respondents may have had a complete understanding of the subject. In turn, this factor could have translated to some unintentionally untruthful answers.

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Whether you’re a fan of full or partial autonomous tech, every new vehicle, beginning in 2022, will have to come with autonomous emergency braking. That’s only the beginning. We all have to accept the inevitable, whether that’s appealing to you or not.