Wait, So You're Telling Us The Tesla Model 3's Design Isn't Finalized?

According to Elon Musk, nope.

As of this writing, around 373,000 people have placed an order for a Tesla Model 3, despite it not scheduled to even begin production until late next year. Questions have arisen as to how Tesla is going to be able to manage such a mammoth amount of production considering it’s not exactly a big and powerful automaker on part with the likes of the Detroit Three. But here’s something you may not have expected the EV automaker’s famous CEO to admit: the somewhat polarizing design of the $35,000 Model 3 hasn’t been finalized. That’s right.

The car all of those people placed a deposit on won’t be the exact car they’ll (eventually) own.

However, Musk, in a response to a question at the recent Code Conference, stated that "almost all of the Model 3 design is done, and we’re aiming for pencils down basically in six weeks, complete pencils down." But what do you think? Is the Model 3 fine as is, or does it really need some styling refinement inside and out before production gets underway?

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