Wait, The Ferrari SP3JC Wasn't A One-Off Supercar?

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Turns out there are not one but two Ferrari SP3JCs in the world.

Last November, Ferrari unveiled its latest one-off supercar commissioned for one very wealthy customer who wanted a "pure, uncompromising roadster,": the SP3JC. Based on the ferocious F12 tdf, the SP3JC provided an early glimpse at what a topless 812 Aperta could potentially look like.

It took two years to develop, while the unusual blue, yellow, and white livery was inspired by the owner's love of pop art. Power is provided by a 6.3-liter V12 producing 769 horsepower.

Some elements of the bodywork are also unique to the one-off, such as the glass inserts in the hood that show off the engine, carbon-fiber roll hoops, a brushed aluminum fuel cap, and a blue leather interior with white inserts. It was assumed that this was the only SP3JC in the world, but it turns out Ferrari has built another one.

talacrest via Instagram talacrest via Instagram talacrest via Instagram

A video posted on Instagram shows a second Ferrari SP3JC being unloaded. In contrast to the original, the custom supercar sports a matte silver paint finish with red accents, and it arguably looks even better than the first example. This isn't the same car with a different paint finish either, as the original SPJ3C was built with a right-hand-drive layout, whereas the matte grey example is left-hand-drive.

talacrest via Instagram talacrest via Instagram

If you were thinking it would make little sense for Ferrari to build another SP3JC for someone else since it would diminish the car's exclusivity, you would be right – it turns out both cars were commissioned by the same owner.

That owner happens to be John Collins, founder of Ferrari dealer Talacrest, which has sold around 1,750 classic Ferraris. According to the buyer, this is the first time Ferrari has ever painted a matt car with gloss, which "proved quite tricky."

He had the car commissioned for "continental driving" and wanted it to have a different paint scheme to the right-hand-drive SP3JC. Now he's the proud owner of two of the most unique Prancing Horses in the world.

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