Wait, What? Top Gear USA Has Been Cancelled?


It looks like the British Top Gear is not the only show with problems.

The new version of Top Gear has had its own set of problems with Matt LeBlanc threatening to quit unless co-host Chris Evans is fired. This may seem like a huge controversy, but the hosts of the US-version of Top Gear have it much worse. Host Rutledge Wood posted to Instagram saying "I'm very sad to say, but Tuesday night's TopGear on History is the last TG US that we have shot for you." Wood did not confirm that the show would not return, but that "it's done for the immediate future on History." We can already hear the haters celebrate.

Despite many people's objection to the thought of an American Top Gear, this past season has been very impressive. The show had just found its stride by ditching the studio portion in favor of episode-long challenges. The final episode will air this Tuesday (June 28), and will feature a trip to Cuba to see its weird car culture that is basically stuck in the 1950s.

Source Credits: www.instagram.com

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