Waiting For Your New Ford Bronco? It's Probably Stuck Here

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Thousands of completed SUVs are just sitting around not being delivered.

There have been delays and a few quality issues here and there, but the all-new Ford Bronco is finally here and was well worth the wait. As the orders keep coming in Ford is doing its utmost to keep up despite industry-wide production issues stemming from the semiconductor chip shortage situation. Ford knows there's a lot on the line here as Bronco customers have great expectations. That's totally understandable and Ford agrees.

That's why there are literally thousands of new Broncos parked in massive lots stationed outside the automaker's Michigan Assembly Plant where the SUVs were built. A member of the Bronco6G forum took a video of the scene and, oh man, there are A LOT of Broncos.


Ford has also been parking newly-built F-150s in other nearby lots, but likely not for the same reason. We already knew Ford procured sufficient chip supplies for the Bronco and that situation should last for the foreseeable future.

The F-150, on the other hand, has been plagued by the chip shortage for months. Ford is considering a number of stop-gap measures, such as delivering those chip-less trucks to dealers so that customers can at least see a physical product and place deposits. The downside is that they'll have to wait until dealer technicians receive the chips for installation. That scenario brings up all kinds of issues, including liability ones for dealers.

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Driving Front Angle Ford

But if these parked Broncos have their chips, then what's the holdup? Chances are Ford is completing quality control measures. As noted, some already-delivered Broncos are showing a few build issues, such as the hardtops and apparently emanating from the front grille and hood area. Ford is aware of both issues and, perhaps, there are more we're not aware of.

In any case, if the company is performing final inspections on each and every one of these SUVs then we hope it has a way of moving fast and efficiently. There are a lot of anxious customers out there.

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Source Credits: Bronco6G

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