Wald International Slammed A Toyota Prius And It Looks Hilarious

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As Jason Derulo might not have said, "It's riding so low."

Name any car on sale today, and you'll almost certainly find at least one customizing company out there that's willing to tart it up for you at the right price. Regardless of whether it's as humble as a Fiat 500, or an outrageously styled supercar like a Lamborghini Aventador, if there's demand, there'll be people pressing out new bodywork additions for it. And, if you're one of the handful of Toyota Prius who wants their car to be given a custom makeover, you'll be glad to know Wald International's got you covered on that one.

Perhaps the most obvious change Wald International has made to the current Toyota Prius is the lowered ride height - which, when combined with the extended bodywork panels and massive new wills, results in a Prius that's perfect for scraping road kill off the highway. We've no idea if the extra air canards and wings mounted on the front and back do anything to increase performance (as the hybrid powertrain hasn't been touched, it's likely these modifications make the car slower and less fuel efficient), but they do at least give the Toyota an imposing look that was missing from the stock version. Even if it might have made the already divisive Prius design even more controversial...

Official prices have yet to be announced by Wald International but - going on what Wald kits go for on Vivid Racing - we wouldn't be surprised if you'd have to pay substantially more than $5,000 to get the kit into the country and installed on your car. We'll let you decide whether that price is worth it...

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