Walking Dead Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is Epic

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When the biters come – and they will come – this is what your car should look like.

We've all contemplated our ideal zombie apocalypse ride. Hyundai has also put lots of thought into preparing for the worst, and has followed its zombie killing Elantra Coupe with a Veloster kitted out to take on the undead - and win. Created by Galpin in collaboration with Hyundai, The Walking Dead and Future US, the three-door hatch comes with a pair of quick-change front bumper chainsaws, roof-mounted .50 caliber machine gun, door-mounted flame thrower and hood-mounted double-barrel shotgun with accompanying sand bags.

Other essential weaponry include front grille-mounted saw blades and a rear end kitted out with knife blades, a samurai sword, a mace-style baseball bat and armored rear bumper. Inside, the cabin is secured with metal interior walls and several other reinforcements to keep out the brain-hungry biters.

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