Walmart, Uber, And Lyft Will Make Sure You Never Have To Leave Your House Again

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With this partnership, shopping will be obsolete.

Walmart's latest partnership with Uber and Lyft will allow you to take delivery of groceries that you order online. This pilot program was announced by executive vice president and COO of Walmart's eCommerce division in a blog post that said "We've been working on convenient new ways to make shopping easier for our busy customers and members." The program will begin in two weeks with Uber covering the Phoenix area and Lyft in the Denver area. 14 more markets will be available by the end of the month.

Walmart already offers its own delivery service at a charge of $7-10. This new service will cost the same and is meant to combat online rivals such as Amazon. Being able to use Uber and Lyft to have groceries delivered seems like a logical extension of these networks and a brilliant partnership for Walmart. If you no longer have to go out to shop for groceries, you probably won't ever have to leave your house again. This is good news if you never want to want to interact with another human for the rest of your life.

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