Walter Payton's Rare Lamborghini Countach Is Up For Grabs

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And it's relatively reasonably priced.

A black-on-black Lamborghini Countach, currently on sale for $675,000, is believed to be the Blu Acapulco car made famous by the dearly departed Walter Payton. LBI Limited listed the vehicle, along with an evidence sheet and a video explaining why it's likely the same car.

The company behind the sale picked its words very carefully while writing the description, never stating Payton's ownership as a fact. That's likely why the price is so low. We know from an earlier sale this year that a pristine Lamborghini Countach LP5000 S is worth between $600,000 and a million these days.

Add some esteemed provenance, and it should rightfully sell for north of a million bucks.

LBI Limited

A car with a story always sells for more, especially when it comes to sporting heroes. Max Verstappen doubled the value of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R, and Michael Schumacher's F2003 F1 car smashed the record for racing cars earlier this year.

But Payton's appeal is limited to the USA, which is the only country in the world that watches the National Football League (NFL). Payton needs no introduction. You all know who he is, and his name is still tied to the NFL to this day, thanks to the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and the Walter Payton Award for the best offensive player.

This particular Countach was given to Payton as a gift by one of his sponsors (KangaROOS) in 1984 for setting a new NFL record for rushing yards. Apparently, Payton and the Countach were a good match, as it had more than 11,000 miles on the clock when he apparently sold it three years later for $79,000.

LBI Limited LBI Limited LBI Limited

The license plate read "WP 34," and it was apparently well-known by the local police as Payton was known for having a heavy right foot. It also features in KangaROOS' promotional material, which is what made the car famous in the USA.

To help confirm that this is Payton's ex-car, LBI turned to the Lamborghini Countach Register. First, Payton's car was one of two Blu Acapulco 5000 S models delivered to the USA with an original consignment date of 13 July 1983. It was gifted to him almost exactly a year later. The second Blu Acapulco car only left the factory on December 17, 1984, which means it would have only arrived in the USA in 1985, months after Payton received his car.

The rest of the evidence is based on mileage and location during the '80s, after which it left the country.

LBI Limited LBI Limited LBI Limited

That's where the car lost most of its value. It was repainted at least three times. It went from the original Blu to red to white to black. The glass appears to be authentic, and the engine bay is 100% correct.

The 4.8-liter V12 is in prime condition, and the car has an aftermarket exhaust that should make a nice racket. Your neighbors will love it. On the downside, there are some scratches, but we love a car that has been used as intended.

Once again, we find ourselves asking why a person would pay millions for the new Countach when the original (with some possible provenance included) costs less than a third of the price.

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