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Wannabe Electric Supercar Is Tesla's Latest Challenger In China


China's premium EV market just got a bit more crowded.

The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show is the gift that keeps on giving. There are roomy sedans built for modern kings and queens, ballsy knockoffs and even speedy EVs disguised as supercars. The Qiantu K50 Event! fills the last role. This electric “supercar” pushes 400 horsepower and can do 0 to 62 mph in five seconds. Its top speed is 124 mph and its max range is 124 miles. Charging is said to take six hours on a 220v outlet.

Three types of K50 Event! were brought to the show, with one looking especially race-y with its massive wing. Although they look like supercars their performance positions them closer to Tesla’s line of electric sedans. They will sell for about $113,000 USD, which makes them slightly cheaper than the Chinese price for the highest trim Model S, which comes in at $121,000 due to customs and VAT. It’s still not known whether Chinese drivers give a damn about saving the environment and by extension electric cars. What we do know is that Qiantu is the first automaker to use a dragonfly as its logo. That’s historical, folks.

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