Wannabe James Bond Gives His Car The Q Treatment, Then Goes On Police Chase


Turns out James Bond's gadgets are pretty good pursuit aids.

Its wickedly fun to be a kid. You get to use your imagination during playtime and conceive of the coolest car chases ever using only toy cars and sound effects. Growing up, some adults decide that they want to keep using toys, but with less imagination and more real-world implications. That's exactly what happened when 62-year-old Simon Chaplin of West Wales built a James Bond-like smokescreen contraption into his Peugeot 309 in order to get away from the cops.

The device is intended to drip diesel into the hot exhaust when a switch is flipped, making the car spew thick, white diesel clouds that even VW would be envious of. Using a smokescreen to escape the fuzz sounds good in theory, but while the system works very well at close ranges it gives away a smoke signal telling pursuing law enforcement officers exactly where you are, especially when you're running away in the countryside. Chaplin found this out the hard way when he couldn't shake the tailing officers who eventually brought him down. Too bad he didn't try this elsewhere because officers said that they were considering giving up the chase due to the fact that they couldn't see the tiny Peugeot itself, just the smoke.

So why were the officers chasing down Chaplin? It turns out he had a funky license plate that read "DE JURE," which "didn't look right" according to the officer who gave chase. The wannabe Bond said he ran because a week earlier police had attacked him while he was working on his digger (backhoe). He also said the smoke system was designed to combat moles, with a pipe attached to the exhaust that led into the mole holes. The judge partially bought it, letting him out on bail but warning him that he could face jail when sentencing came around.

Source Credits: www.telegraph.co.uk

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