Wannabe McLaren F1 Successor Has A Silly Name

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Could you imagine spending over a million dollars on a car called 'Bruce?'

Although it may not be a direct successor to the legendary F1, the 2019 McLaren Speedtail is the fastest car the UK company has ever built. With a 4.0-liter V8 mated to Formula E-derived hybrid technology, the Speedtail delivers a whopping 1,055 horsepower capable of pushing the car to a top speed of 250 mph. These performance figures are certainly impressive but the Speedtail is far from the prettiest car McLaren has ever produced.

A design artist named Marc Senan might agree with us about the Speedtail because he took it upon himself to design his own McLaren flagship supercar. Senan isn't just your average Instagram rendering artist either, he has worked as a professional automotive designer for Lamborghini, playing a role on the Huracan, Urus Concept, Veneno, and Aventador SVJ in his tenure there. So yeah, more than just average.

Like the Ferrari Enzo, which was named after the company founder Enzo Ferrari, Senan chose to name his creation after McLaren's founder, Bruce McLaren. Bruce might not have the same ring to it as Enzo but who are we to mock a man that created one of the world's preeminent race teams and supercar brands?

As with all McLaren models, the Bruce features vertical doors that even feature a piece of lower glass like you'd find on a Senna. The thin LED headlights look much different than any McLaren model past or present, but the McLaren F1 clearly inspired the split rear window design and roof-mounted vent.

As with the original F1 and the Speedtail, the McLaren Bruce offers a center-seat layout with space for two passengers plus the driver. Senan didn't specify which powerplant would sit mid-ship in the McLaren Bruce but with the spirit of the F1 in mind, we'd be disappointed with anything less than a V12. The McLaren Bruce is only a design study and has no connection with McLaren but we wouldn't mind seeing it reach production.

Source Credits: Marc Senan

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