Want A 911 GT2 RS? Here's How Much Of A Markup You'll Have To Pay

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To no one's surprise, GT2 RS prices are already going up.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has already proved its worth as a track car by claiming the production car lap record around the Nurburgring. In addition to being the fastest 911 in the world, the GT2 RS is also extremely rare with a limited production run of 1,000 units. Of course, all 1,000 were sold out before the car was even revealed, so you are already too late if you wanted to buy one at the $293,000 base price.


As with all of the recent special edition 911 models, the GT2 RS has already skyrocketed in value. The 911 R commanded prices of over $1 million not long after it arrived, but prices have already leveled off. Fortunately, GT2 RS prices haven't quite hit the $1 million mark, but they are still greatly inflated compared to its original MSRP. We ran a search for GT2 RS models that are already listed for sale, and the average asking price is... $542,000.

Each of the models we found were fitted with the $18,000 Weissach Package, which cuts weight by 13 pounds by using various carbon fiber components. Some of the cars also had the optional $13,000 magnesium wheels, which only appears to add around $6,000 to the overall asking price if all other options are the same.


Considering how expensive other 911s have become, the appreciate curve on the GT2 RS is not as crazy as we initially expected. Even the previous 997 generation GT2 RS currently sells for around $500,000, so the $542,000 average asking price of today's 991 generation doesn't seem unreasonable. Right now you can buy a 2018 GT2 RS with a markup of around 67%, although this number could increase with rare options such as paint-to-sample.


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