Want A Brand New NSX? You're Going To Have To Wait In A Very Long Line

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Not that it'll bother our friends in Britain much.

Considering all the skepticism surrounding the Acura NSX before its launch, it's surprising that the car has been such a hit with consumers. After all, when you've several new editions of the NSX in the works, you kinda need the standard car on which they'll all be based to be popular with your target demo. Just how popular is the NSX? Well, in the United Kingdom Honda is having problems meeting demand for the hybrid supercar. In the auto industry that's about the best possible problem you could have.

According to various reportts, the Acura NSX waiting list appears to be incredibly over-subscribed. The general tone seems to be that the order books are fully maxed out for the next couple of years, with Autocar claiming the queue goes back for another 12 months, meaning buyers in Britain who haven't placed a deposit down for the NSX risk only just getting their example delivered before the end of the decade. Furthermore, Honda UK is planning on ensuring the NSX remains a rare sight on British roads, with only 100 examples set to be delivered to customers before the year is out, and NewMotoring suggesting that total NSX numbers won't exceed the 1,419 total of original NSXs that were officially shipped to Europe

A similar story seems to be the case for the Acura NSX that we'll end up getting stateside, with the most recent report we can find suggesting that, again, the order book is already full to bursting until the summer of 2018 (at the very earliest). Of course, having waiting lists as long as this probably isn't a massive surprise when you remember that orders have been accepted since 2013. But it's still a testament to the NSX's desirability that the waiting lists have remained that long. Don't be surprised if the first examples that crop up on the used car market end up going for substantially more than Acura's $156,000 MSRP.


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