Want A Lego VW Golf Mk1? Your Support Can Make It Happen


Why doesn't this already exist?

With seven generations of Volkswagen's Golf out there and a promise of many more to come, it's clearly one of the most popular hatchbacks in the history of this world of automobiles that we all love so much. Before most of us got in to cars, we had Lego, a toy that parents gave us to force our creative sides to develop. Since the plastic building blocks were released in 1949, they've become more detailed and the designs more intricate and many car designs have been made, and the latest could be a Mk1 Golf

Lego released a pretty large, and very expensive, Porsche 911 GT3 RS kit that's already sought after by both toy and car collectors. Also this year it released an equally cool kit for a Caterham 620 R, again not a cheap toy but wanted by many. Just how did these cool Lego cars come into being? Well, certain designs that can be bought come to life via Lego's website that's set up to find amazing designs and concepts. Skilled Lego builders (yes, it is a skill) can create something and submit it to the site. They can then try and gather support for their idea, and if things go well, Lego will review the feasibility of the design, and if it ticks their boxes - a new kit is born.

The latest automotive design submitted to the Lego Ideas website needs your support, actually it needs everyone's support! Lego fan Hasskabal created a Mk1 Golf out of 1278 pieces and it has some amazing details - the original steering wheel, cockpit, gear lever, handbrake, radio, ventilation buttons, indicators, GT detailing, black and red seats and even a rather detailed engine bay. This kit simply MUST be made. There's still 585 days left for people to vote for the creation, and with the popularity of the Mk1 Golf, we have our fingers crossed that it will garner the right amount of votes for Lego to put it into production. We just can't understand why this kit doesn't exist already.

Lego Ideas
Lego Ideas
Source Credits: ideas.lego.com

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